I ordered tech 2 tool from obd2tool.com on Jan.22th. It shipped from China via DHL. I did have to sign for it, but fortunately it didn’t show up until 7 PM and I was home. I usually hate when things are delivered that late, but I might not have been around earlier to sign for it, and I would have had to wait.

The tis2000 disk that came with it was cracked, but fortunately we have this software available for download on this forum saabcentral.com. I was able to get security access and program my CIM in my 2005 9-3.

The car diagnostic scanner Tech 2 works well, it’s been able to do everything I’ve needed it to do, including programming the CIM and reading/clearing DTCs.
I paid around $271 I think, there was a discount code available.

I have the saab english option

No need anything else unless you need security access or access to updates, in which case you need a Windows XP 32-bit computer (I used an old desktop, but a laptop would be much more convenient) and you need to download the files found on this forum for GlobalTIS and saab tech 2 software. That’s another thread, though.
A serial port is preferred, but I bought this adapter and can confirm it works for granting security access

Update: Works with Windows 10 32-bit and the Keyspan USB adapter too.

That could be very helpful in searching for a computer to use this software on.

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