Yanhua BMW-FEM/BDC essential programmer “inputprogrammodeerror” error shown as beneath. uobdii.com engineer find out the purpose and supply the resolution under.



The above error is brought on because of user’s incorrect operation, they didn’t stick to the programmer’s guidelines and instructions.

Obd2tool.com engineer tried to test the FEM data the user supplied by following the Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC programmer & BMW FEM Test Platform, and program key with success. They also attempted to not comply with the programmer’s instruction to read out the 95128 information, then they got the same error “inputprogrammodeerror”.

There are 2 strategies to read out 95128/95256 information:

After you are taken to step2: Update / System FEM/BDC, you get the message “Please disconnect the vehicle battery, remove the FEM/BDC module, use Yanhua FEM crucial programmer read and save 95128/95256 EEPROM original data.”. Then please make sure you do as it says, just read out the 95128/95256 information andbackup it, for example, please name 95128/95256 data as ” EEPROM_95XXX.bin”.


After you are taken to this step shown as beneath, choose the “EEPROM_95XXX.bin” (the 95128/95256 datasaved in the previousstep). Note: if you selected the 95128/95256 data that you back up before, then you may get error message “inputprogrammodeerror” .



It’s very important to follow the strategies and guidelines of key programming equipment BMW FEM BDC key programmer and the BMW FEM Test Platform.

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