This is the steps on how to Use Tech II Scanner to Program ECU with SPS (Service Programming System) in TIS2000 with usbkey.

Kindly notice: Before using the SPS, make sure that the Tech 2 scan tool and the pc contain the latest software, the battery of the vehicle is fully charged,
only the ignition is on power, and all cables are connected properly. TIS2000 can only work gm cars until 2007, and software must work together with TIS2000 USB key.
If you need to program Saab ECU, you had to use OBD2 Scanner Saab TIS2000 and USB dongle.


Step 1: Instruction for TIS2000 software

Step 2: Data request

Step 3: Data exchange

Step 4: Program ECU

Alternative Programming with “Pass Thru”

Check Programming result


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