Well, I bought an E-SYS cable from obd2tool.com for $11.99 and try to code my 2015 M4(F82), I connect OBD2 cable to NBT and connect to E-SYS, then appeared an error that no FA can be found, I asked help on the forum and some friends offered me some opinions, here I share with you, hope it helps.

You should be aware that I have no responsibility for what may happen to your car and at your own risk.

Error: Read FA failed! Possibly there is no FA stored in the VCM. [C060]

Solution 1

In FSC Menu, read the donor VIN of the Auto key programmer and put the SALAPA codes to the example FA from E-SYS folder, and try to activate FA.

Solution 2

Do the following:

1.Click editors
2.Select FA editor
3.Click new (get the barebones of the structure)
4.Add the information marked with a red mark such as colour code, type, chassis type etc. (realoem.com or decode VIN or donor VIN from NBT)
5.Take VO/FA which can pull from E-series using ncs-expert and put them into the vehicle options list at the bottom.
6.Delete out anything without a $ in front of it, e.g. %XXX then remove the $’s and place commas ‘,’ in between each option.
7.Save the new FA
8.Load the FA under coding then try to activate it
9.After that it’s trial and error to find what will be accepted based on the BMW ICOM A2 date you’ve specified, the chassis type etc.
10.Once activated you can then code FDL and then add anything else you need (or delete) from the VO then code FDL.

Solution 3

Before doing this coding, must follow the steps and ECU to do FA coding

FA Coding:

1.Launch E-SYS and connect to the car
2.Select expert mode
3.Read and activate FA (add option 544)
4.Read SVT
5.Select and code the following ECU
9.If need “LIM” function, you will need to do FDL coding per the table below. This will allow “SET” button to act like “LIM” button so that you get both LIM and Cruise control functions.

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