Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P OBD Full System Diagnostic and ECU Coding Programming System with J2534 ECU Preprogramming Box/VCI Module. Following share you some Reviews about MS908P.

1.As a professional repair centre for 40yrs. We have been through many scanners. For example Pro link, Snap-on, Matco etc. Finally a scanner that can perform most parameters at a great price. You will see now other company scanner prices have dropped by half because of Autel. Good purchase. Only complaint seems to be short battery life between charging。

2.We purchased a SnapOn Solus ultra 2 years ago for way more money than this unit and it can only do a fraction of the things this one can. Lesson learned, buy a scanner from a company that only does scanners.

3.The MaxiSYS Pro for itself is amazing, it does all the day today things that I need. Not to happy with autel for the interent search engine they choice for the system. Browser! Really or google chrome which doesnt allow you to do anything. Like even accessing GM website so I can reprogram. Because its a https site there for you can’t get into any manufacturers web site. So the only thing they can tell me is that there working on it and theres a update coming out. When who knows. This is a great consumpt for the automotive industry and is going to change many things I think. Just wish they wouldve been a little more prepered before releaseing the product to the public.

4.This is the best scanner on the market today i have had mine now for 3 months,i was one of the first techs to have this tool up and running,i have used the maxisys 908p to its full capabilities and without failure it has done every thing it says it can do,the maxiflash j2534 interface module lets me connect to the dealerships to program anything i need to do,from ecu programming to immobilizer functions this tool has not failed me yet ,i am very pleased with autel products for a long time also.

5.I’ve only had the tool for a few days so I cant vouch for all of the diagnostic capabilities, but the few times I’ve used it I was very pleased. I’m coming from a Maxidas 708, so the software feels very familiar. Little things like boot-up times, and autovin (before selecting a manufacturer – brilliant) make it MUCH faster to get into the car and start testing/scanning/etc. Live data is lightning fast, and its so nice to be able to take the scanner back to your computer, while still watching a live stream from the vehicle. I’ve also never had programming capabilities with J2534, so this is very new territory for me. The MaxiSYS MS908P seems to be in Beta stage for J2534, but I’ve got the passthru, and Autel is awesome with upgrades and firmware.

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