how to update the x 431 V diagnostic tool and x431 v+ scanner

Now we show you how to update the Launch X431 V and Launch X431 V+

1) Click red box marked “1” above. Press on X431 V+ icon and push it up to the trash bin

2) Click “Settings” >> select Manage Apps>> X431 V+ >>Uninstall

3) Browse Launch website www.dbscar.com.
Click Category Product, select Launch V or V+.
Click “Download for Android” below X431 V image to start download client.
Downloading, please wait patiently, file about 19MB.
Double click X431_V.apk
Click “Installation Package” after complete download.
Click “Install”
Click “OK” when the system prompts to update
Click “Cancel”, because I haven’t login.

4) Login with your CC number and password
Read Claim, click “Read”
Select  Bluetooth Serial Number

5)Click “Download”, this is old software version.
Select the vehicles you want to download. Note: the software downloaded from official site is the newest version
Click “following”
Click “Download”
After complete download, no vehicle software found, since its old version, exit the BDScar site, and login again to update.

7) Login www.dbscar.com, open X431 V, it prompts to update, click OK
Do not click Cancel, let it download program automatically, it will take less than 20minutes.
Click “Installation Package” after complete download.
Click “OK” to replace old application and the former information will be saved
Click “Install”
After complete download, the car models will display
Note: better not click “One Key Update” to update
Click “Association” to pair Bluetooth

Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 OEM diagnostic system has newly updated to V15.100 supporting diagnostic, Key Programming, Bluetooth and GPS navigation etc for Porsche vehicles till 2015. Here is the free software download and update instruction. Sometimes you may have problem with the installation of the software for the first time. The computer may prompt that there is no communication with the Porsche Piwis 2 interface. And the computer showed can not recongnise the Porsche Piwis Tester II interface. Why?


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