The VCM works in concert with IDS

The device we will be working with is the Ford VCM.  The VCM (Vehicle Communication Module) works in concert with a computer program called IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) to allow you to do diagnostic routines, programing, and security on Ford family products including Lincoln, Mercury, Land Rover, Jaguar just to name a few.  This device from OBD2TOOL is originally manufactured by a company named Teradyne.

VCM 2 interface with WIFI is compatible with IDS V96, but if you want to run IDS V96 on the WIFI VCM II, the WIFI function will be disabled; and if you want the WIFI function, you have to run IDS V86.obd2express.co.uk engineer record both IDS V96 and IDS V86 into one CD, you are free to choose any of version to use.

The “Mister VCM” interface was designed by dividing the screen into two parts: a graphical interactive one including VCM icons and synthetizing drug properties, a textual one presenting on demand drug monograph excerpts. The interface was evaluated over 11 volunteer general practitioners, trained in the use of “Mister VCM”. They were asked to answer clinical questions related to fictitious randomly generated drug monographs, using a textual interface or “Mister VCM”. When answering the questions, correctness of the responses and response time were recorded.

“Mister VCM” is an interactive interface that displays Ford VCM II icons organized around an anatomical diagram of the human body with additional mental, etiological and physiological areas. Textual excerpts of the drug monograph can be displayed by clicking on the VCM icons. The interface can explicitly represent information implicit in the drug monograph, such as the absence of a given contraindication. Physicians made fewer errors with “Mister VCM” than with text (factor of 1.7; p = 0.034) and responded to questions 2.2 times faster (p < 0.001). The time gain with “Mister VCM” was greater for long monographs and questions with implicit replies.



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