How to Download and Install PTT Software 2.03/3.02 For Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface?

Did you ever bought Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface ? Volvo 88890300 supports the repair and diagnostic process for Volvo/ Renault/ UD/ Mack Truck. Add the PTT Software 2.03/3.02 will make powerful function with your Volvo 88890300.

But many customers feedback that PTT Software difficult download online and installation, how to get the software installed successfully?

Here is free download link of PTT Software: PTT Software 2.03/3.02 For Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface 

Note:                                                                                                                 1.Use Chrome /Firefox Browse to download online;                                         2. Win 7 Professional or Ultratme

Software Installation Tips:
1. Download all files, copy to usb-hdd
2. Unzip Acronis Boot 2014.part1.rar( need winara 5.0 above version)
3. Burn Acronis Boot 2014.iso into cd disc
4. Unzip Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.part01.rar, password:E29A11A8EE81DD9D1606BD83BBA26559 ,  will get Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.tib
5. Insert acronic boot cd, boot laptop
6. Recovery -> choose Tech Tool 2.03.85 (With APCI+ Update!)_Final.tib-> recovery to laptop harddisk
7. Reboot pc , now you will get ptt2.03 with new win7 system , then go to  install driver
8. Copy TechToolCoreDevelopmentContent.rar and VCADSProDevelopmentContent.rar to desktop
9. Send us teamviewer id password, will active it


If you have a test according the installation video, looking forward to hear any feedback from you.

Please feelfree contact us if any question.                                                                 obd2tool Team

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