Mercedes Benz original second-hand Xentry Connect C5 diagnostic tool is available in The DoIP SD Connect 100% supports 2014 and 2015 new Mercedes Benz W222, W205 etc models.


What’s DoIP?


SDconnect DoIP devices for diagnosis of the model 222 S-Class have “SDconnect DoIP” on the model plate of the device (system number 170000 or higher). SDconnect DoIP includes an Ethernet switch, which switches the TCP/IP messages in the event of DoIP diagnosis to the vehicle side.

Main Sticker:



What MB model does DoIP SD connect support?


DoIP-compatible on-board diagnosis cables have yellow marking tape at both ends and this is the only cable that works with the SDconnect system number 170000 or higher. If the number is illegible on the system number sticker, please look at the main factory sticker above for the wording, “DoIP.”






Since the end of November 2012, the new generation of the XENTRY Kit diagnostic hardware will be launched for all brands and categories of Daimler AG under the established XENTRY brand.


The new product concept and brand combination for hardware and software components will be the next step towards an integrated After-Sales System environment with future-oriented diagnostic solutions.


Under the „XENTRY Solutions“ umbrella brand, users will now have access to XENTRY Diagnostics, XENTRY TIPS, XENTRY Flash and XENTRY Support & Feedback, as well as to the hardware diagnostic solutions XENTRY Kit and new tools such as XENTRY Control.

Star diagnosis XENTRY Connect C5


Xentry Kit = Xentry Connect C5+ Panasonic Win 7 Xentry Tab+ 2015.5V DAS/XENTRY SSD



Connection: WIFI wireless connection via LAN cable/ USB connection




Xentry Connect C5 hardware


DoIP SDconnect C5 diagnoses Mercedes-Benz S-class model W222 2014

See picture display:



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