New V2.12 KESS V2 Unlimited Token Version Firmware V4.036.Latest software version V2.12 and newest firmware version V4.036.Please Note:When you using this version KESS V2, please make sure your computer do not have internet. This is very important, connect to internet may damage the hardware and can not repair in your side, you must send back to us for repair.

1.What you need pay attention when install v2.12 kess v2?

1.Disable the internet when you use,or if it is broken for the reason of internet,it will be not in our warranty.
2.Disable the anti-virus software,and it can not be updated.
3.This new KESS V2 V2.12 is without j-link adapter,can not support program cpu chip or change cpu chip like older version kess v2.
4.Better to use with our XP system.
5. SE87,SE87-B KESS V2 can not use with V2.12 software.

2.How to install Newest V2.12 KESS V2?
1.Copy Ksuite v2.12 folder to desktop.
kess v2 v2.13 install2.Open Ksuite v2.12 folder,extracting KSuite2.12.rar file.
3.Start Setup.Click next.
4.Choose language.Click OK.Next
v2.13 kess v25.Select language again.
6.When display “Connection not established”,please click ok.
v2.13 kess v2 installation7.Copy the extracting KsSuite2.12 all files except the “help” file to Ksuite installation path folder.But before copy the files,please delete all the files in Ksuite installation path folder.
kess v2
8.Copy “help” folder from CD.Then paste to Ksuite installation path folder.
9.Connect KESS V2 device to computer,install the driver.
10.Check Computer management,device manager,Universal Serial Bus controllers,USB Device.

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