I bought a Volvo Vida Dice diagnostic tool . The tool supports Windows XP only. I do not have a XP computer but a Windows 7 64 bit computer. I can confirm that 2011A will work in Windows 7. It only takes a few efforts:

Solution 1:

If you do not have a XP computer, you will need to install a virtual machine (VM) and run Windows XP in it. Here is Volvo Vida installation instruction:

The file pointed by red arrows is the volvo dice software. And the TXT file is the installation instruction. Here are the detailed steps:

1. Run the CD-ROM, choose the languages:[EN-GB etc.] and wait till the set up process will finish, then restart the computer.

2. After restart the support icon will appear (VIDA Status: Running)

3. Operate the patch: VIDA2012D_patch\VIDA2012D.exe (remark: don’t change the path. Leave the “C:\” value)

4. Start “VIDA All-In-One”

After installing a Windows XP VM and VIDA/DICE software, it would not too hard to use. The user interface is quiet clear and you can kind of figure out where to go and what to do.

One thing that is very nice about a VM/XP installation is that it is kind of like a virtual computer that is independent from the rest of the computer. So interference with other software will not exist. It is kind of like making a dedicated computer (be it virtual) for your VIDA/DICE software. If you are not too familiar with VM, probably check with any friend that knows.

Solution 2:

Install the Vida software on XP mode. XP mode is actually just a Virtual Machine (VM) running Windows XP. Like a VM, you will need to downloaded the XP mode package, installed it on your computer, installed Vida Dice software in Windows XP Mode, and then test then tested the program. You can download Windows XP Mode from the link below:


Like a VM, XP mode is 100% separate from your main computer. Thus you never need to worry about VIDA screwing up your computer or vice-versa. Likewise when you want to upgrade to a newer version it’s easy to blast away the VM & get it back to a virgin state.

Note: If your computer is a newer one with 64 bit Windows 7, you must uninstall the usb 3 drivers and software before installing the XP Mode. The package does not support Windows 8 computers.

Feel it is kind of troublesome to use 2012 Vida Dice? There are upgraded Vida Dice devices that can work directly on Windows 7 system, such as Super Volvo Vida Dice, Vida Dice 2013A and Vida Dice 2013 D. If you are interested in the latest Volvo Vida Dice, please click here: http://www.obd2tool.com/goods-287-Volvo+Vida+Dice+2014A+Volvo+Diagnostic+Tool.html

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