How to connect MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnostic Tool With WiFi 2015.03 Version

Mercedes Benz SD connect c4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles. SD connect is a Mercedes wireless multiplexer. it is connected by wireless to computer


1, mb star c4 diagnostic tool wireless network connection

Under the state of Wired network, click the right corner icon by left mouse button. Then it will appear a interface as following

Select “confgurakion “ ,Then it will appear a interface as following

Slect “MUX” Then it will appear a interface as following

Slect the second option Regstot, Then it will appear a interface as following

In front of the WLAN to use the hook, set the IP of the wireless network. Picturs as following :

KEY The password is 13 bit number as you enter. Such as 1234567890123

Then click “ start “ , it will appear a interface as following

Then click “ ok “

Click “ cancel “ when it appear this interface .

Then cut off the network cable of C4 . the C4 scanner tool will show picture as following


Set wireless network on the network conections on the computer ,such as IP

It is the same with Wired network connection setting


After set IP, then Check the connection status of the wireless network.

Find the wireless network , you must be check before SSID name is the same as looking at the following picture


For example. Road24h. find Road24h .enter connetion. Input KEY as we setting before 1234567890123

After setting well. The right corner will appear a picture as following

Then can wireless test

You can click the links for knowing more information about mb star sd connect c4 diagnostic tool


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