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Have a HEX-CAN USB that has worked like a charm for the past year. Suddenly not working – tried it on 3 different vehicles, 2 different laptops, no luck. Getting “Interface: Not Found!” message when I test the port. LED on the interface is solid green.

let me tell you how to solve vag com 12.12 Interface Not Found

Device manager recognizes it as “Direct USB Interface” and indicates that “This device is working properly”. Tried it on 2 different laptops with same result.

If that doesn’t work, let’s de-install the odd driver, and get the right driver installed. With your HUC interface plugged in, go into Device Manager and find the Ross-Tech interface. Right-click and bring up Properties, and go to the Driver tab. It should look something like this, although this is with the correct driver:

Then, click the Driver Details button and make note of the files and versions listed. It would be good if you can post those here. It would be nice to know where this strange driver is coming from.

Then, click the Uninstall button and un-install the current drivers. 

After that, un-plug your huc interface. Then, un-install and re-install VCDS. It should install the correct, current driver package. Once that’s done, go ahead and plug your HUC interface back in, and hopefully it will pick up the correct drivers this time.

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