Autoboss V30 Elite super scanner: What do and not do

Original AUTOBOSS V30 Eliteraises a heat discussion in recent days, following are basic facts/reviews gathered from Technician, Mechanic, repairing businessman, DIYer etc, which will lead you a better understanding towards the autoboss v30 scanner.

Autoboss V30 Elite super scanner: What do

1) The Windows CE format is relatively fast and easy to navigate.

2) No need to install software and no computer issue

3) It does not have a battery. This is a huge advantage for people who are used to using a scanner with a battery pack

4) The scanner has updates released frequently, update is quick and easy

5) This is the original SPX device and not a clone. The accessories are excellent, rugged and come in the brand-new updated storage case (not the previous storage case used).


6)  The scanner has definitely paid for itself with European vehicles and Asia vehicle models. It covers a lot of cars, strong import and European.

7)  The Hyundai coverage is great as, it is able to diagnose an EVAP unit on a 2001 Accent.

8) The unit is compatible with a learning and comparison mode. The AUTOBOSS V30 Elite scan tool can learn the data of a perfectly working vehicle for later references in diagnostics. The comparison mode takes the current data of the similar vehicle and compares it to the learnt data.

9) This V30 scanner can really deliver 85-90% of what a dealership scanner does.

10) This is a very good diagnostic system, take the time to learn about all of its functions and you should be more than satisfied. Work great in programming and functional testing.

11) V30 Elite is a good global scan tool for auto repair men who live abroad.

12) This is the affordable scan tool that comes with built-in mini printer, allowing print out the DTC information, diagnostic results, data stream etc. It is very helpful.

Autoboss V30 Elite super scanner: What not do

1) AutoBoss V30 scanner does not perform all functions for all makes (no scan tool will do)

2) It has minimal coverage for Mazda and Subaru (no bi-directional controls) but did allow code retrieval/data for different systems.

3)      Less vehicle model coverage in U.S market

4)       One of its downside is that it does not provide a bigger image of a waveform.

5)      Software will expire to use if you do not renew the software subscription via Original AUTOBOSS V30 Elite

6)      Has a lot of diagnostic options on Infiniti G20, but did not have throttle and idle special functions.

In conclusion:

No OBDⅡtool is perfect, but this AUTOBOSS V30 tool is Boss.

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