I saw my members in this forum asking about VCDS vag com 12.12 cable the other day. We can find vag com everywhere, but the quality of the cables varies. Their quality primarily depends on the supplier.


I can certainly advise you a vendor who sent us a good interface, but you may be disappointed if the vag com 12.12 cable you ordered from the same vendor is of lesser quality. There are some responsible sellers anyway (even Chinese ones) who insist sell good quality interfaces. Here I have collected two posts about good vag com sellers from forums:

I show you what you need and bonus software .
For your A4 97 up to 2012 vehicles for 22euros. If you were better offers, let me know…

Attention, please do not update the software and use ONLY the CD that comes Evec interface.

The delivery time is long (15 days to 3 weeks but can not have any either).

2. Hi, if you want you can take a look here:


I myself ordered it some time ago and no problems.

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