Program 2014 Chevrolet Sonic by Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool and OBDSRAR Key Master DP Plus


Program 2014 Chevrolet Sonic: VVDI Key Tool + Key Master DP Plus done! Steps: 1. Chevrolet Sonicid46 1815: press “Gen” Writing data… 2. Install remote module into remote shell 3. GM V31.11 read security code by OBDII 4. By BCM system→Auto→read… Continue Reading


Obdstar Odo Master Operation Demo & FAQs

obdstar-odo-master-faqsdemonstration-16 (2)

How to use Obdstar Odo Master Odometer Adjustment Tool, which is specialized for cluster calibration? Check more details below. Physical Display of Obdstar OdoMaster mileage programmer: Box Package Side Back Operation Demo: Step 1: Open the device, and switch on… Continue Reading


Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz Odometer Correction Vehicle List

Here comes the Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz odometer correction vehicle list. Some can be done via OBD, some need to remove to read memory, some requires to solder contacts. ICP, OBP, 9-PIN or 38-PIN adapter are required on specific… Continue Reading


2014 Honda Accord 93C76 Mileage Correction with YH Digimaster 3

How to use Yanhua digimaster3 mileage programmer to correct odometer for 2014 Honda Accord. Select “Meter system”, then “Japan & Korea”. Select “Honda”. Select “Accord”. Select “2014 (93C76)”. Guide: Please remove the chip 93C76, and weld it on the OBP adapter,… Continue Reading


John Deere Parts ADVISOR 2020 Offline

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Do you want to use your equipment for many years? To choose only verified and original information for service and repair your Heavy Duty Scanner John Deere equipment. To your attention an online John Deere Service Advisor. John Deere Parts Advisor… Continue Reading


How to correct odometer with DSP3 via OBD adapters

Super DSP3 Odometer Correction Tool Super DSP3 Mileage Programmer fully supports newest high-end Car.   Super DSPIII works for AUDI/VW/ SKODA/SEAT/BENTLE/MERCEDES/ JLR/ VOLVO/ PORSCHE 2010-2017 years of models Mileage Programming via OBD adapters.   How to correct odometer with DSP3 via OBD adapters: Connect the OBD or other… Continue Reading