How to Program the BMW Key

Programming the keyless entry on your BMW key fob is a simple procedure, one that most drivers in and around Syosset should find easy to do. There are 2 basic methods; one to use when you already have a working key but want to program additional keys, and the other when you’re starting from scratch without a working key. Follow our instructions below, then learn more about BMW features like sDrive vs. xDrive at Rallye BMW.

Programming Additional BMW Key Fobs

So if you have a working key fob, but wish to program additional keys, follow these steps:

1. Take the working key fob along with the ones you want to program inside the car with all doors and windows closed.
2. Put the working key into the ignition and turn to position 1. At this point, the dash lights and accessories should turn on.
3. Turn the key back and remove.
4. On the working key, hold down the unlock button and press the lock button (the BMW logo) 3 times, then release the unlock button. The doors will then automatically lock and unlock.
5. Take the new key and hold down the unlock button while pressing the BMW logo 3 times, then release the unlock button. Again the doors should lock and unlock, and you’re done.

Programming a New Key from Scratch

These instructions are for programming a new key when you do not have a working key fob.

1. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to position 1 and back rapidly 5 times.
2. Remove the key
3. Hold the unlock button and press the BMW logo 3 times, then release the unlock button.
4. If you have additional keys you’d like to program at this time, repeat step 3 within 30 seconds from the original key programming.
5. Turn on the ignition to complete the process.

Need Help? Visit Rallye BMW

The instructions above are very basic and should work on most BMW models; however, select models have slightly different methods for programming the key. If you’ve run into any problems, Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, like how to clean car seats, or you want to learn more BMW info like what BMW warning lights mean or what BMW stands for!

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