How to connect BMW ENET Cable with BMW ISTA Rheingold

Here is a guide to show you how correctly connect and set up BMW ENET Cable with BMW ISTA Rheingold software! It is the first step to use this cheap BMW F Series coding cable instead of BMW ICOM!

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Step 1

Connect your laptop/PC with vehicle using the ENET cable.

After that, go to Control Panel→ Network and Internet→ Network Connections.

Select the Ethernet that is connected to the vehicle and open the Properties screen.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IP) and click the Properties button.

Enter for the IP address and for the subnet mask then press the OK button.

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Or if you install ISTA in VMWare, try this way:

Open Virtual Network Editor and disconnect form the host all adapters with Subnet Address Uncheck the box “Connect a host virtual adapter to this network”.

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Step 2

Turn on car ignition and run BMW ISTA Rheingold.

Click the Setting button as below:

How-to-connect-BMW-ENET-Cable-with-BMW-ISTA-Rheingold-4 (2)

Select “VCI Config” tab and “HO-ICOM ENET local and ISIS network” option, click the OK button.

How-to-connect-BMW-ENET-Cable-with-BMW-ISTA-Rheingold-5 (2)

Back to main menu and click the Operations button. Select “Read out Vehicle Data” tab and click “Complete Identification”.

How-to-connect-BMW-ENET-Cable-with-BMW-ISTA-Rheingold-6 (2)

Step 3

Select your ENET connection from the list and click “Set up connection”.

How-to-connect-BMW-ENET-Cable-with-BMW-ISTA-Rheingold-7 (2)

And just wait the vehicle identification process complete!

How-to-connect-BMW-ENET-Cable-with-BMW-ISTA-Rheingold-8 (2)

Or here is another alternative way after you click the Setting button and select “VCI Config” tab:

Choose “HO-ICOM ENET direct connection” option and set ENET mode with empty IP-Address.

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How-to-connect-BMW-ENET-Cable-with-BMW-ISTA-Rheingold-10 (2)

That’s all about how to set up BMW ENET cable with BMW ISTA. This guide is tested OK but not responsible for any potential lose or damage!

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