Autel Maxisys Elite Review Buying Guide 2019

No doubt, the Autel Maxisys Elite OBD-II scanner certainly surpasses much beyond the general expectations with any vehicle engine scanner tool. The tool is designed for 3 purposes – Multi Tasking, Speed and Simplicity that is the prime need, especially, for any busy automobile repairing workshop.

Maxisys Elite is for any workshop owner who wants to close the deals much faster with a reliable scanning device. Yes, you can rely on this small diagnostic gadget. Although the price might deter you purchasing this one but it earns it’s cost within a few months after buying. It’s a product that over delivers.

In my research, I found it to be the smartest code scanner in the market that has a positive track record for serving it’s buyers.

Who Autel Maxisys Elite Scanner Is Suited For?

Although anyone who loves it can buy it but the device is designed with a commercial aspect. It is mainly intended towards helping mid-scale or large-scale workshops and vehicle repairing houses.

The price, the quality, the technical support etc are all set to top-notch standards that makes it too much for the general individuals who wants a simple car diagnosing scanner device for their personal car. Most of the features are useless for a general car-owner but highly-beneficial, infact best for the experinced DIY and automotive Mechanic or garage owners.

Special Note About Maxisys Elite

The current Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic scanner is the second version of the device. All the omissions, customer complaints and disadvantages, with the first version, have been removed and it was re-launched as a perfect scan tool. No down side at all.

How Autel Maxisys Elite Scan Tool Serves You

The Maxisys Elite offers many fantastic features that are highly appreciable and comprise tool’s worthiness. The tool is built with keen observations to provide the services at its best level. The customers are taken as the prime concern. Let’s explore its remarkable features:

*   Advanced ECU Coding and Technology: The device works with SAE-J2534 that is an advanced standard for ECU Programming and Coding. Combined with the AutoVIN technology the device is the best option available in the market in terms of speed, performance, data analysis and data transfer.

*   Rough & Tough: The device has a sleek and compact design that looks visually appealing. The extended and rounded corners of the device doesn’t let the scanner get damaged if it falls on the ground. Additionally, the tool is carefully enclosed with a sturdy rubber protection and rugged plastic that gives it an ergonomic characteristic. The rubber and plastic can absorb high-jerks keeping the internal mechanism safe. Ideal for repairing houses.

*   High End Camera: The device has an astonishing 8 megapixels of rear camera that can shot high quality photos. Moreover, its a cam-coder and you can shoot videos as well. Also, the flashlight and auto-focus features contribute to its quality. In addition, the tool has a 2 megapixels of front-facing camera that allows video communications with other team-mates.

*   Powerful and Efficient: The Maxisys Elite is the most powerful automotive diagnostic tool owe to the processor used. The total boot-up period of the device is under 15 Secs that is the lowest in the industry. It connects with the OBD II devices and starts fetching data in under 2 seconds. No other scanning device provides such a speed performance.

*   Broader Vehicle Coverage: A majority of the car manufacturers has set their facility up in Asia, United States or Europe. The device targets the standards of these 3 continents so as to cover as many vehicles as possible. That doesn’t mean it’s non-compatible with the vehicles manufactured in other regions as the Autel Vehicle Coverage library is even wider and latest updates are frequently launched.

The Company continuously provides updates through real-time push message notifications where a user can enhance the device’s software to the latest versions of code library. In addition to it, the company provides Remote Technical Support and Interactive support sessions.

*   Easy To Handle: The overall weight of the device is approx. 3.5 lbs that is not heavy on your hands like a dumbbell. In particulars, the dimensions of the product are 309mm in length, 225 in breadth and 35mm in height. Moreover, the carry bag, shipped with the product, makes the storage of the device even easier.

*   Accurate Data: The Autel Elite finds out the possible engine errors using it’s complex algorithm that is known for it’s accuracy. That’s not all, Although it also provides a description to the problem yet it does some brainstorming for you and suggests the best possible solution to that problem. The device does it’s best to head you towards the right direction while repairing a vehicle.

*   Muti-Tasking: The device is designed to provide a space for ideal management of the multiple operation running behind the system. So that the user can handle more than one functions at the same time without messing up with any complex operations. Multi-tasking also helps managing the data records and other vehicle info in an organized manner.

A Few Words Before You Buy

If you are intending to buy the autel maxiSYS elite but the concerns about performance or quality against the price is bugging you then you are worrying for no cause. The Autel Maxisys fulfills what it claims to do and it many times over delivers.

As for Autel support, as they promised, they treat every customer like an elite.

No doubt, the Autel Maxisys Elite never lets you down with your business in terms of faster car diagnostics and repairing yet you must consider your budget.

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