1.CAR FANS C800 Heavy Duty Product description

CF C800 is a completely Independent R&D product for Heavy Duty and Commercial vehicles, which be launched in Sep.

2016, it is a professional diagnostic scan tool for Automotive Aftermarket.
CF C800 is fully optimized based on the OEM Heavy Duty Scanner, which enhances the comprehensive diagnostic capability of the diesel vehicle. Some of the functions are based on the advanced technology accumulated by the R & D team for many years, and are superior to other similar diagnostic products in the industry. The main diagnostic functions include reading the version information, readingclearing the fault code, actual values, actuators, advanced function (special function, matching settings, functional test, diesel calibration) and so on. You do not have to rely on the original diagnostic apparatus, you can provide customers with more comprehensive and professional and efficient diagnosti services.

2.CF C800 Product Hardware

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① Touch Screen:Display the operation buttons, test results and help information.
② Rubber sleeve: easy to hand, protect the product, to prevent loosening and wear.
③ Power Indicator
④SD card port
⑤USB port:Used to connect the printer for printing. diagnostic connectors to connect the car.
⑥ Network connection port: Reserved.
⑦Diagnostic port: provides power, uses diagnostic lines and
⑧Power socket: power supply, connection with the car or the vehicle diagnostic port without power supply.


When the power is supplied through the diagnostic port from Obd2tool.com, it is not necessary to connect the power supply through the main power port. When the vehicle diagnosis block itself is not powered, it can be connected to the power source through the power supply port.

The SD card stores the operating system, application software, and data files of the device. (Unless the software upgrade, do not to remove the SD card).

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