I just got my Launch ICARSCAN and used it today to reset the oil service on my cayenne. I also had a few odd codes, one which led me to replace my key fob battery. It’s a pretty cool tool. A little nervous to play around with it too much as I don’t want it to screw something up.

I had a hard time picking the products also. In the end I picked as follows:

porsche, Mazda, mini, Ford, bmw (vehicles we own or family owns).

Then I did these 5 functions:
reset TPMS, reset oil, reset bleed, reset brake and immobilizer/keys. (covered some basic maintence items I do on vehicles. Haven’t use anything yet other then the Porsche. I need to make a new key for a Mazda….. not sure if it’ll work but figured it’d try eventually. Maybe in the next year if I ever get around to it. Wish I’d known what some of the other functions do also. Not much info. I figured I may buy a future car brand if needed later $50 per one or they sell bundles also. Which 11 were you thinking about?

very strange. In this thread – using Chrome (even after clearing the cache) – the image appears to be a stand-alone product – that is the Best obd2 scanner iCarScan. But – if I go to quote your thread – the correct iCarScan images appear. Dunno what’s up with that. Some bug…


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