While browsing through BMW Rheingold ISTA functions, I found couple of interesting tests we can perform. These are found in Vehicle management—–troubleshooting—–function structure—–drive—–DDE7 US.
I just ran smooth running and DPF pressure test but there are few more different tests we can perform. Here are the screenshots.
Smooth running control
Rheingold ISTA-D is available with both newest version and older version, and their OS requirement and storage space may be different. For example, the newest version ISTA-D 3.48.20 ISTA-P,  ISTA-D 3.47.20 ISTA-P and ISTA-D 3.46.30 ISTA-P 54.2.002 work with Windows 8, while older version work with XP.

BMW ICOM collections at: http://www.obd2tool.com/search-BMW%20ICOM.html

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