In recent years, has a hot sale X431 product, it is Code Reader LAUNCH Creader VIII.Because it is cost-effective ,only 175USD,But its function is powerful.

Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129) Comprehensive OBDII Code Reader allows you to diagnose OBDII/EOBD auto cars/vehicles and 40 car models( from USA,European and Asian) 4 systems(ABS, ECU, Airbag and Transmission). Launch Creader CRP129 provides your car with a special maintenance service.

There were some people asked what is the difference between CRP129 and Creader VIII?Well,actually ,both code reader are same.But the difference is that CRP129 has red outside box,but Creader VIII has black box;CRP129  is only sold in alien country ,not in China,there is only Creader VIII in China code reader market.We ship  Creader VIII to you from China ,it is the same as CRP129 if you purchase one in your country.

Also, there is one question asked frequently .It is the cost of software update of Creader VIII.They will ask how much it will be after one year .Because LAUNCH X431 scanner  is free update online for one year,but after one year, it will charge.They were confused by X431 IV ,X431 DIAGUN III,X431 V,X431 V+.But I have checked with LAUNCH company and was told that the code reader does not need to pay if you want to update for now,it is not sure when  they will charge.

Here are only 2 questions asked frequently, I will post more in future work when I meet.

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