How to reset brake pad Chevrolet Suburban with Launch THINKDIAG

launch-thinkdiag-chevrolet-suburban-2015-brake-pad-reset-01 (2)

Chevrolet Suburban 2015 5.3L (L83) light duty truck brake pad reset with Launch Thinkdiag + one mobile phone (IOS or Android). If you ever need to replace your brake pads you’ll notice that your brake pedal becomes a little stiff sometimes,… Continue Reading


OEM Porsche PIWIS III with Panasonic Laptop Review

OEM-Porsche-PIWIS-III-with-Panasonic-Laptop-Review-4 (2)

I just received my new Porsche piwis iii tester and I would share my thoughts since I have used Durametric cable clone, PIWIS II and the 3 now. The review is based on vxdiagshop.com’s PIWIS 3 (#VX16-B) OEM Porsche PIWIS 3… Continue Reading


DOIP MB Star C5 with DOIP Protocol PCB


This NEW MB SD C5 DoIP Protocol. There is new Bz car with DOIP protocol. Must use this DOIP SD C5 to diagnose. Top 7 Reasons To Get MB SD Connect C5 PLUS Star Diagnosis TOOL: 1.The new SDconnect C5+ is… Continue Reading


Obdstar Odo Master Operation Demo & FAQs

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How to use Obdstar Odo Master Odometer Adjustment Tool, which is specialized for cluster calibration? Check more details below. Physical Display of Obdstar OdoMaster mileage programmer: Box Package Side Back Operation Demo: Step 1: Open the device, and switch on… Continue Reading




Launch X431 V+ is full system auto diagnostic scan tool which is the update version of  X431 V Pro. It support  all systems diagnostics, ecu coding, key programming,resetting services,active test (Bi-directional control) and more. Is it worth to buy one? Let’s… Continue Reading


Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz Odometer Correction Vehicle List

Here comes the Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz odometer correction vehicle list. Some can be done via OBD, some need to remove to read memory, some requires to solder contacts. ICP, OBP, 9-PIN or 38-PIN adapter are required on specific… Continue Reading


Test the Connection to the Vehicle using NEXIQ Device Tester (USB-Link™)


Test the Connection to the Vehicle Use the Device Tester to test the connection between the USB-Link™ and the vehicle. At startup, the Device Tester checks for any NEXIQ USB Link drivers installed on the PC. -Download NEXIQ Product Driver here:… Continue Reading


2002 GMC Sierra Scan Tool or Diagnostic Tool you use – pros and cons

2002 GMC Sierra 1500

Car model and year: 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 Purpose: to pull codes Scan Tool or Diagnostic Tool to use – pros and cons 1. GM Tech2 pros and cons To do work on gm stuff I have knock off Tech2. I… Continue Reading


How to Program Injectors for Caterpillar C7 Engine with CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III?


2020A is an upgraded version of 2019C , A represents the first quarter, and C is the software updated in the third quarter.   2020A Cat ET software as Cat Caterpillar ET 2018C 2019A 2019C Software update version, 20120A Caterpillar… Continue Reading